There’s good news and bad news with this.  Bad news?  Shump isn’t coming back before the end of the year.  Good news? He’s not rushing it and should be 100% when he’s back.  #KnicksTape

There had been talk that Knicks guard Iman Shumpert could return from his ACL tear before the new year. But in an interview with the New York Post, Shumpert shut that down hard.


Iman Shumpert’s goal is to come back to the Knicks better — not quicker.

That is why nobody is rushing him. In fact, Shumpert, in a rare interview, told The Post don’t expect a December return. If you are a betting man, Shumpert said January is likelier.

The reasons are clear. Shumpert, the lone, young, rising star on the Knicks’ ancient roster, doesn’t want any dropoff from his rookie season of excellence.

“What you all are saying is not what we’re going by,” Shumpert told The Post before last night’s 110-88 victory over the 76ers that improved the Knicks to 3-0. “January, February is what we’re aiming for. I’m just trying to get healthy. When I get healthy, I’ll return to the court. I’m not going to come back and not be able to do the things I did last year and a little more. I want to come back and add something.”

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SOURCE:  Matt Moore | Senior Blogger & FULL STORY HERE