Stacey Dash shows off her patriotism

Stacey Dash caught a lot of flack when she announced her endorsement of Republican Mitt Romney in the Presidential race. As not only a woman but a black woman, people were outraged that she’d go for someone that doesn’t have her best interests at heart. I’m still up in arms over the fact he wanted to eradicate Planned Parenthood and abortions, but that’s a whole different topic. Now that all is said and done and the RIGHT candidate won another four years (go, Obama!), Stacey took to her computer to write an extremely long essay to TMZ about her choice. Though elowuently written, it just seems a bit over the top for her to even take it there. As TMZ points out, it’s a whopping 1344 words! Sort of excessive, dontcha think? You can read her rant below, but Stace, let me break it down for you…you look like a fool. You did when you announced your endorsement, you do now with this letter and you will continue to. Good job.

Marisa Mendez

Read Stacey’s epic rant