Maleik Carr and his 5 year old sister Jalia were on their way to school when two unleashed Pitbulls escaped and attacked them. Though the boy was wounded seriously, and now has many stitches, he was able to successfully beat the dogs away from his sister as she ran and escaped before he followed. Hit the Jump for more.
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A young boy’s legs are marred with stitches days after he fought off two ferocious pitbulls that attacked his 5-year-old sister on the siblings’ way to school.

Maleik and Jalia Carr were walking to the bus stop Monday morning from their home in Dublin, Ga., when the unleashed dogs escaped through a gaping hole in a neighbor’s chain-link fence.

“They started snapping at Jalia,” Maleik, 11, told WMAZ-TV.

“So I ran over there and started kicking them away from her, and they bit me. And I told Jalia to run.”

As his sister fled, Maleik grabbed a nearby plastic chair and tried to beat the dogs off. He freed himself for long enough to jump over the fence and scramble home — covered in bloody wounds and bite marks.

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