Wednesday, Leonardo Espinal Drowned his 5 year old son and fed his 7 year old daughter rat poison after he called the mother of the two children threatening to kill himself. The couple split only 15 days ago and Espinal was babysitting their two children at his stepmothers house when he decided to take his kids out as some form of twisted revenge. Hit the jump for more.
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A Bronx dad drowned his 5-year-old son in bathtub — and then fed his 7-year-old daughter rat poison, police sources said Wednesday.

Leonardo Espinal was babysitting the kids at his stepmother’s University Heights apartment when he called their mom, from whom he was estranged, and threatened to kill himself, sources said.

The alarmed mother, Rosaura Abreu, called Espinal’s stepmom, who found the daughter sleeping in her vomit on a couch and the suspect locked in a bathroom with the boy, police said.

Cops broke down the door and found Espinal with his son Stewart, who was undressed and unconscious, in his arms, sources said.

The kids’ mom arrived at the apartment – just as the cops made the heartbreaking discovery.

“Leo killed my baby,” she later told family friend Francisco Medrano.

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