Fabolous & Emily B in 2009

One of hip-hops favorite couples, is unfortunately not tying the knot (or at least not any time soon). Fabolous and Emily B seem to be going strong since airing their dirty laundry on Love N Hip Hop, but Fab recently spoke on getting married, and said it’s a no. Fab’s points are pretty valid though, saying that the piece of paper and ring just mess up what’s going on. Hopefully these two will continue raising their son Johan, work on strengthening their relationship, and then maybe one day it’ll happen. But for now they’re good. Click below to see exactly what he said.


Fabolous on Emily B:

I don’t think marriage is in the future for me right now man, I really don’t. The thing about marriage is that I believe in it and don’t believe in it. I think people put that ring and that paper and it messes up a good thing sometimes. Now it’s a different emphasis on your relationship. Now you can say, ‘If I’m married, it’s on paper and I walk away, this is that and this is this’. So I like to just build on relationships and make sure that you’re in a happy relationship and if it leads to that…
I know a lot of people look at certain relationships, celebrity relationships, and say, ‘Aw look at Jay and Bey’ and I think even that relationship, it took time. Jay is 40 years old, and he waited until he felt it was right. Even when they first got together, it wasn’t a public thing. They were denying they were a couple when everybody knew they were a couple at first. […] They just made sure their base was strong before they made it public and I think that’s the kind of thing you have to do in a relationship.

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