Just when you thought someone would enjoy house arrest because they would rather be there than jail.. we found a different case. This rapper, signed to Def Jam, was released from jail on $150k bond and placed on house arrest is now just enjoying – sex. He even calls it a blessing! Find out who it is after the jump!

Biz Baby

Ha, it’s Gunplay! Surprise, surprise. He recently was just released from jail, now here he is, sexing girls at his home.

He tells TMZ:

“Being on house arrest really is a blessing for me”

He also adds:

“This has helped me slow down and not want to do negative things anymore. This is a life-changing eye-opener for me that I need to just slow down and do right.”

He’s still facing charges for aggravated assault and armed robbery with a firearm, but doesn’t need his hand cause he’s got company. Sick, lmao.

The worst part was he explained:

“One main difference from house arrest instead of jail is that I can still get sex … which is a wonderful thing. Although in jail I was still f**king Corporal Mary Palmer and her five sisters.”