Why is something that happened in 2010 being brought up now you ask?!  The Nets traveled to Florida to take on the Heat last night and Dwyane Wade spoke on his meeting with the Nets when he was a free agent.  He sounded kinda jealous of Bron Bron ( I would be too! Lol), check out what he had to say:


Wade’s initial go-to memory about the 2010 meeting between D-Wade and the then-New Jersey Nets? Let’s let Miami Herald Heat beat writer Joseph Goodman take it from here:

You’ll recall that Wade went on a free-agent tour that summer, just as LeBron James did. And that the Nets — already purchased by Mikhail Prokhorov (and Jay-Z) — came calling with plenty of cap space and the hopes of luring two max-level free agents to a team that would end up in Brooklyn 27 months later. And, because LeBron got to say “Jay-Z came to my meeting,” this is Dwyane’s takeaway.




According to ESPN:

Wade drew laughter after the morning shootaround, pretending he was miffed about Nets part-owner Jay-Z not attending the meeting when the team tried wooing him as a free agent in 2010 — but that the rapper appeared in person for James’ sit-down that summer with the team. “True,” James said.