Be careful, make sure your doors are locked, psycho’s like 16 year old Bronx native Cesar Lucas are on the prowl. Recently Lucas was charged with rape after he reportedly snuck into a sleeping woman’s open apartment and raped her while she lay next to her sleeping infant. Hit the jump for more.
Funk Flex

Cesar Lucas, the 16-year-old charged with creeping into the woman’s unlocked W. 61st St. apartment and attacking her, also told police that the victim was drunk.

Lucas told police that after he made his delivery on Sept. 29, he went slinking around the high-rise building checking doorknobs, as police said he had months earlier when he was busted for burglary in the building.

In a two-page, barely literate, chicken-scrawl confession in which he at times refers to himself in the third person, the Bronx high school student said that he was overcome “in away he never had felted before.”

When he finally found an open apartment, he describes slithering inside and finding the woman and her 7-year-old daughter asleep in bed.

“So he approaches her with this type of feelings that he just never had felted before, which lead him to do things he would never think to do in his life,” the confession read.

“She also started to feel horny” during the attack, he claims.

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