Sarah Dae Walker, an Arizona woman spent some time in jail recently, apparently she was arrested due to an error in the system. Walker, along with her husband Shane, was convicted for trying to solicite sex with a dog through craigslist and had only recently gotten off probation. Hit the jump for more

Sarah Dae Walker managed to avoid prison when she was convicted of soliciting a dog for sex on Craigslist, but she spent some time in jail this weekend after she was arrested due to a clerical error.
Walker, 33, was busted Friday in Phoenix by a cop who said there was a warrant out for her arrest over unpaid fines from a previous run-in with the law.
“I said, ‘I’m current on all my fines, this can’t be right,’” she told KASW-TV.
The cop didn’t believe her, and hauled her into custody.
She was behind bars for about 10 hours before a jail official told her that there was no warrant for her arrest and the whole thing was a mistake.
Walker and her 38-year-old husband Shane got off with just probation in June when they pled guilty to creating a Craigslist ad titled “Wife looking for K9” so she could have sex with a male dog.
They made plans to meet with a dog owner who turned out to be an undercover cop.

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