Eight companies in New Jersey have been sued by the state for price gouging in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Governor Chris Christie made it illegal to raise prices after the natural disaster hit the state and urged customers to take pictures and provide the state with information on any business that had raised prices after the hurricane. Now the state has found eight companies that are disgustingly trying to take advantage of people in a time of need by raising their prices above the norm. Seven gas stations and one motel are being sued thus far, but the state has received 2,000 complaints of price gouging and has issued 170 subpoenas for business records. Read more below.

Julie A.

Attorney General Jeff Chiesa announced that about 83% of complaints are about gas stations and then motels accused of raising prices post Sandy. Chiesa also urged people to be more aware of scams by false home improvement companies and charity scams. The eight companies currently being sued by the state are:

Kistruga Inc. in Paterson; C.S. George and Sons in Clifton; Alen Service Corp. in Newark; Vinny Fuel Corporation in Bloomfield; Perth Amboy NJPO; S&D LLC in Lyndhurst; Couto and Sons in Newark; and Ratana Hospitality Group (Howard Johnson) in Parsippany.