The rumor of Keri Hilson Dating Oklahoma City Forward Serge Ibaka has been quitely going around for a few weeks now, but according to a few different sources and articles, the rumors appear to be gaining momentum. But the most interesting rumor which is part of this story is there could of been a hidden reason behind the Thunder Trading James Harden. Now these are still just rumors, but you decide

According to one theory, James Harden has a difficult time adhering to the time honored code of “Thou shall not chase a teammate’s girl.” Now granted, we’ve see it violated from time to time, but it’s still one of those rules that you just don’t see violated. In this case, Harden is rumored to have been chasing Serge Ibaka’s girlfriend Keri Hilson. This rumor was actually the first we’d heard about Serge Ibaka dating Keri Hilson. However, after deeper digging, we’re fairly confident that the two are dating at this time, but found nothing in regards to official word of the two being together.

The rumor persists that Harden had been openly hitting on Hilson, which obviously caught Ibaka’s attention. One could speculate that if this were true, it would surely cause disharmony inside the otherwise harmonious Thunder locker room. Consider that Harden wouldn’t sign the team friendly extension, and that he may be upsetting locker room chemistry, and suddenly this rumor doesn’t seem quite so impossible to believe. While we doubt the Thunder would ever make personnel decisions on a couple guys fighting, we can believe that if this were true, it certainly didn’t make it harder for the Thunder to trade him.

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