An author for GQ Marc Ambinder reported that several attempts to assassinate both President Barrack Obama and Govenor Mitt Romney during their election campaign. Ambinder’s reports have come under scrutiny now in the wake of the election and he seems to be singing a slightly different tune. Hit the jump for more.

In an article about Romney’s intensive security detail written by GQ’s Marc Ambinder, the journalist said that in the Secret Service’s busiest year yet, “Several assassination plots were nipped in the bud.”
This claim was almost immediately questioned by members of the media, especially as Ambinder took to Twitter to suggest that more information might come out in a print edition of the article.

Politicker reached out to Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan for further details on the reported plots.
“We didn’t work with Marc Ambinder on that article, so I don’t know what his sourcing is,” Donovan told the publication.
When Politicker contacted the author, he eventually responded but without many juicy details.

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