The beef between SpaceGhostPurrp and A$AP Mob came to a head last night in Miami. SpaceGhostPurrp was arrested outside of A$AP Rocky’s concert at the Fillmore in Miami, Florida. Apparently from what I gather from ScHoolboy Q’s tweets, SpaceGhostPurrp fired shots into the air and caused a scene in front of police officers. I really hope this beef doesn’t go any further before someone seriously gets hurt! Read more below.

Julie A.

ScHoolboy Q tweeted:

“LastnigHt was so corny………. Wat type of niggaH sHoot in da air????” he wrote. “Better yet wHo makes a scene in front of POLICE???? Kno damn well tHey gon break it up!!! CatcH a real fade smH. All u Have to do is go to da side wHere nobody can see, tHen lock up and Ladd about it wit da Homies.. NiggaHz scary. Wateva let’s da police deal wit it now smH….. I’m Headed to ORLANDO I gotta EAT!!!!! #TDE.”

And here’s a pic of SpaceGhostPurrp being arrested: