The iPhone killer that iPhone haters waited for is finally here, or as Samsung says “The next big thing is already here” .  Samsung has now taken the throne with it’s Galaxy SIII. As the best selling smartphone this year. Could this be the start of Apple’s downfall with the iPhone?

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Yes, this is the phone in those mocking TV ads that show annoying fanboys and fangirls in a thinly disguised Apple store line, obsessing over their impending purchase while a happy Galaxy S III owner saves a place in line … for his parents.

Released in May, the Android-based Galaxy S III boasts a bigger touchscreen and longer battery life than the iPhone 4S, along with more megapixels in its camera and the ability to run on 4G cellular networks. Some tech sites have rated it the best smartphone on the market.