According to the NPD game sales were down 25% compared to last years sales.  2012 has’nt been good for games, some speculations suggest that smartphones and Tablets maybe tapping into those sale numbers.  Tablets and Smartphones are accessible everywhere we go so it could be a possibility as causal gaming becomes more popular.

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Game sales were down 25% compared to the same month in 2011, with consumers spending a total of $755.5 million on video game hardware, software and accessories compared to $1 billion last year. NPD analyst Liam Callahan notes that NBA 2K13 outsold NBA 2K12 “by over 60% in both dollars and units. This favorable comparison may have partly been due to the NBA lockout at the start of last year’s basketball season, likely tempering consumers’ interest in 2K12 initially.” Callahan added that Skylanders Giants sold “160% more units than last year’s Skylanders title did in its debut month at retail.” According to Game Informer, Dishonored sold 460,200 units, while XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which failed to make the top 10, sold 114,000.