Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson was elated with the re-election of President Obama on Tuesday, but if he had his way, Mitt Romney would be part of the administration, too.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

“Just because President Obama is back in power is not as important as all of us pulling together, ”Jackson told USA TODAY Sports. “The best would be for Obama to be president and Romney to be vice-president. We need everyone to come together.

“I get so disappointed when I hear all of the negativity from Republicans against the Democrats and Democrats against Republicans. We need to come together as a nation. Black. White. Hispanics. Jewish. Native Americans.

“We need to have the resolve to work together. It’s like when the Yankees have a great team, it helps baseball. When the Knicks and Lakers are great teams, it helps basketball. If the Republicans and Democrats can get together, it will make our country a strong, better place, for everyone.”

Clearly that will never happen and wouldn’t even work but I understand his sentiment.