Nicki Minaj lets fans inside her chaotic, celebrity world on her new reality tv show, Nicki Minaj: My Truth. On twitter, she explained why it’s sometimes hard to watch herself on TV
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Updated!!! Correction!!!
I reported a story and there were a few inaccurate details in the title. I have corrected it and I want to apologize to Nicki Minaj for my minor mistake.

The thing w/ “My Time Now”… they weren’t trying to sell a story. they just wanted to capture the truth. so i bared my soul w/o knowing…But “my time now” is so revealing of my heart i can’t bare to watch it anymore. i cringe all the way thru it. but i know it needed to b done…”My Truth” is more revealing of the drive…the beast…the demand…the machine… but its important 2 remember its only one side of me

Shouts to #TeamMinaj for being on it