Her name is Barbera Palvin. We showed you who she was, she’s 19 and gorgeous. But it makes me wonder, would it be worth it for Justin to leave Selena? The gallery reveals a few new things.. Find out the REAL details below!

Biz Baby

First of all, it’s confirmed, the beautiful VS model is NOT interested in Justin. She even went as far as saying, “He’s all yours!”

Well, Selena wasn’t too happy about this at all. She retweeted the photo of Justin with Palvin in it and just added, “…” (those dots NEVER mean good, incase you didn’t know.)

Supposedly the break up was even before Justin was seen with Barbera at the fashion show, but as a woman – it is normal that Selena felt a certain type of way. Which makes me question, why would she feel upset if she just keeps Justin around for her “brand”?

Justin, DID take Barbera out to see “Lion King” on broadway. Should Selena feel a certain type of way? Yes. But if they had already been broken up, because she made that decision – then she really can’t be mad.

Justin still wants to be with Selena. Although, since the break ups between them happen so often.. it seems as if he can’t even take the break ups seriously anymore. As a woman, to lose that type of respect from a man.. to the point where he can’t take you seriously? …Is not a good sign for their future.

Justin is not involved with Barbera, it was simply just a broadway. He does want to be with Selena still.. but he expects it to happen – cause it always does.

Selena, you need to get it together girl! He’s not even worried cause he knows it’s just a matter of time till they get back.

In the gallery, check out the tweets and see what Palvin had to say for yourself..

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No, Justin and Selena were so happy together and now it is ruined.
I think Justin should let me have one of them.. or both.