Two New York area students are under much scrutiny due to some racist anti-Obama tweets they sent prior to and on election day. Ricky Cantazaro, 16 a Brooklyn student and Lou Ladonna of West Islip Long island in particular have come under scrutiny for some pretty idiotic jabber on twitter. Hit the Jump for more.

The day that Obama won the hotly contested election to defeat his Republican rival Mitt Romney, Catanzaro, 16, allegedly tweeted, “No n—– should lead this country!!! #Romney.”
After Romney conceded, the Brooklyn teen responded with another vile post: “Only thing black people are good at is basketball #run #shot #steal.”
Catanzaro’s Twitter page, called Madhouse1245, featured a photo of the youth sitting in a garbage can and was taken down on Thursday.
Just before the Xaverian junior deleted the page he suggested someone hacked the account, tweeting, “Whoever is on my twitter stop making tweets.”

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