During the second quarter of the New Orleans Hornets win over the Charlotte Bobcats, Anthony Davis and Byron Mullens got tangled up trying to rebound the ball.  They began to push and shove each other when a referee came over to break it up and it escalated a bit.  Check it out after the jump.

Shay Marie

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist came over and it’s a little hard to tell if he came over to defend his teammate or if he came to break it up.  Whatever it was he ended up knocking the official to the ground.

Sidenote: MKG and Anthony Davis went to college together and are quite close, I doubt he went over to fight him and help out a teammate he’s only known for a few months.  If anything it appears he’s telling Davis to calm down.  The video however does make him look crazy.

There’s no guarantee Kidd-Gilchrist will be suspended for the contact; the rule book only specifies an automatic one-game suspension for  making “intentional” contact with an official, and in this case, that’s going to be subjective.

If the league determines that the contact came as a result of Kidd-Gilchrist ignoring the fact that the referee was handling things to needlessly interject himself, then the suspension may come down anyway just to send a message.