Last week Lindsay backed out of an interview with Barbara Walters because she didn’t want her to ask certain questions. However, she goes and does an interview with Jay Leno. Barabara expresses on “The View” today why she was disappointed. They gave some B.S. excuse as to why she backed out at the time, so now it’s a problem. Drop down bottom for more.

JaaiR (JR)

Barbara Walters is straight-up insulted that Lindsay Lohan canceled an interview with her to chat with Jay Leno instead — claiming Lindsay’s people didn’t even have the courtesy to explain why she pulled out.

Barbara spoke out on “The View” this morning, saying, “If they’d said to me ‘You know, Barbara, she isn’t up to the kinds of questions that you might ask’ … If they had told me that, I wouldn’t feel quite as disappointed as I do today.”

Lindsay had previously been scheduled to do an interview with Walters on “20/20” but the actress canceled — and Barbara claims Lindsay’s people gave her a BS excuse … that LiLo just wasn’t feeling “up to it.”

Next thing Barbara knew, Lindsay’s people had booked her on Leno instead — and she’s insinuating … it’s because Leno won’t ask the hard-hitting questions Barbara wanted to.