Pro athletes love becoming (part) owners of teams &  why not?!  Nothing wrong with having investments.  Jordan with the Bobcats, Penny Hardaway with the Grizzlies, Serena and Venus Williams with the Dolphins, Magic Johnson with the Dodgers and LeBron with Liverpool FC to name a few.  You can now add Chris Paul to that list, but his team is a lil different.


Chris Paul now owns part of a new professional bowling team.

The PBA (the professional bowling tour folks) have decided to try and grab some market share by taking the world’s best bowlers and putting them on teams, just like your local bowling league. Eight teams, ESPN broadcasts, drama, excitement, something you can relate to.

And Paul owns a part of the Los Angeles team, reports Arash Markazi at’s Clipper Report:

Paul, along with former Los Angeles Rams running back Jerome Bettis, Terrell Owens and Kevin Hart, became the first celebrity owners in the inaugural season of the Professional Bowlers Association’s PBA League.

“This is exciting for me and for the sport of bowling,” Paul told “I love PBA action, have enjoyed getting to know many of the top bowlers and look forward to my team competing for the first PBA League Elias Cup.”