Tell’em how you really feel Cromartie!  The Jets are a hot mess right now and of course we all saw this coming.  If Mark Sanchez couldn’t get those Ws, fans were going to call for Tim Tebow and that’s exactly what’s been happening…ESP after yesterday’s brutal loss.

Well don’t expect Rex Ryan or Antonio Cromartie to be on your side if you want Tebow.  Check out what they had to say about it…


Rex Ryan confirmed Sanchez will remain the Jets quarterback heading into Week 11, despite a 9-for-22, 124-yard, two-turnover performance from the former USC star against his old coach.

“We’re sticking with Mark,” Ryan said. “Because I believe we can win with Mark.”

It’s becoming harder and harder to believe that Sanchez fit the bill nicely given Ryan’s description: “a brutal loss” — in the 28-7 whipping at Seattle.

But Sanchez is going to keep playing the confident soldier, and said it “never really crossed my mind” Ryan might make a change at quarterback.

“I’m too confident for that,” he said. “I don’t expect anything different.”

The guy the Jets would turn to is obvious: Tim Tebow is the backup and everyone wants to know when he’ll get a shot to try to turn around the Jets’ season. But if you’re one of those people clamoring for Tebow, just don’t let Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie know.

“They can kiss my ass,” Cromartie said of folks calling for a quarterback change. “Mark is our quarterback.”


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