Tiki Barber USED to be one of my favorite football players, but my ‘like’ for him changed after the whole ‘leaving your pregnant wife for an intern’ thing happened. SMH.  Things have just continued to go down hill for him since that whole mess.  Check out what it’s going to cost you if you want to play flag football with the guy.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.


For just a measly price of $1,950, Urban Daddy users can have the former New York Giants running back join them for a game of flag football. Or, as the site ad indicates, any other specified activity. According to the ad, Barber also specializes in badminton and dodgeball. Talk about reaching new lows; Barber has redefined what rock bottom means.

From the ad:

“You’re getting Tiki Barber—the NY Giants all-time leading rusher and owner of one of the greatest names in the history of names—for your next game of flag football. Or basketball. Or kickball. Or pretty much whatever sport/gentlemanly activity you can think of. Because having a three-time Pro Bowl-er on your team definitely qualifies as a Perk.”