Google is making more money in ad revenue  than all U.S print publications put together, Google generated about $10.9 billion in only 6 months while all the publications that have printed magazines, newspapers and any form of print generated $10.5 billion together in the same.  In a few years Google will be tripling these numbers until more than likely some of these publications go out of business.

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Statista did note, however, that the comparison is “obviously unfair” and shouldn’t be judged scientifically. Google operates globally, while the company only looked at print media in the U.S.

Still, it’s a pretty interesting indication of where the print industry is going. The rise of the Web and the fall of print have been well documented, but Statista’s chart makes this trend pretty evident. Several years ago, the print sector’s ad revenue dwarfed Google’s results. But print ad revenue has been falling pretty steadily since about 2006. Google, on the other hand, has seen the opposite effect over the past several years.