Chris Brown & Drake a few years back

It was the brawl heard ’round the world when Chris Brown and Drake came to blows at New York hotspot W.i.P. back in June of this year. Though the full details and backstory have never been 100% clarified, the word is that Chris had sent Drake a bottle while they were at nearby tables, and he returned it with a note saying, “I’m f#cking the love of your life.” Yikes. Bottles were thrown, lawsuits were issued, people were hospitalized…it was a mess. Now almost 6 months later, Rih finally serves up a comment on it…though it’s not much. See what she told GQ below.

Marisa Mendez

I’d asked her about it at dinner. Her tone turned impenetrable, lawyerly: “There’s no proof of that being for my love. That’s my answer to that question.” Then she immediately turned it back on me:

“You ever have bitches fight over you?”

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