C’mon Phil, don’t do this!  This is what the Giants do.  We do well in the beginning, slump midseason and then make the comeback.  I mean, I get it.  Eli hasn’t been playing well lately, but he is an ELIte QB.
Check out what Phil had to say & let us know if you agree with him…


Via Dan Hanzus at NFL.com:

Last summer, with Manning’s second Super Bowl MVP trophy still fresh on the brain, the former Giants great Phil Simms said Manning and New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin were destined for the Hall of Fame.

On CBS Sports Network’s “NFL Monday QB” — hosted by NFL.com’s own Adam Schein — Simms was less laudatory when asked if the slumping Manning was elite.

“No, he is not one of the elites,” Simms said, via the New York Daily News. “Because when I hear the word elite, I’m thinking about guys that can make unbelievable plays on the field by themselves. There are very few quarterbacks in that category.

“I always bring up Aaron Rodgers,” Simms continued. “He is one of them. So yes, Eli has been a tremendous team player. He has been MVP of the Super Bowl twice. I know that. But the way I look at it, the answer is no.”


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