Reggie Bush did an interview Tuesday with the Paul and Young Ron Show in Miami.  He talked about being benched Sunday and how it bothered him and then made a comment that might have some NY women (more specific – Buffalo women) a lil upset.


Via Mike Florio  at PFT:

Bush admitted that he was bothered by the benching on Sunday in light of the fact that he’s in a contract year.

“I’m not gonna sit here and say it doesn’t bother me,” Bush said.  “It does bother me.”

But the quote that will cause the biggest stir, specifically in Western New York, came when Bush was reminded that his next game will be played in cold weather on Thursday night.  One of the hosts joked that the women will be topless and the other one said to Reggie, “You don’t wanna see that.”  And then the first host said, “No, God no.”

And then Reggie, instead of respectfully laughing or changing the subject, said, “Not Buffalo women.”


Hey – everyone has their preferences right?! Lol.


*Check out the mad tweets Reggie got in the gallery above*