Rihanna and Chris Brown haven’t gone out of their way to make their reunion a secret, but they hadn’t really addressed it directly until very recently. Chris started it off with his drunken video explaining his love for the two women in his life, Rihanna and now ex-girlfriend, Karrueche. Then even more recently, both Rih and Chris were asked about the status of their relationship in separate interviews, both giving a definite “no” about being an official item. Yesterday, Rih brought the love over to her Instagram. After first posting a photo with the caption “Miss you”…not directed at anyone, she then re-posted (or “Rih-posted” as she says) a photo Chris Brown had just put up, advertising his new album Carpe Diem. Could it mean they’re about to be a bit more public? Could it mean she’ll be on his album (as he’s on her new album, out on Tuesday)? Could it be her supporting her man? Could it be nothing at all? Who knows! Let us know what you think!

Marisa Mendez