Dallas Maverick owner and Shark Tank host Mark Cuban is looking to take his businesses to other social networks like Tumblr and .  According to reports and recent tweets Mark Cuban is furious with Facebook’s latest update that took place in September.  According to Mark FB updated their EdgeRank which keeps tracks of the Facebook users feed. Mark Says Facebook changed its algorithm, which is currently not keeping an accurate account of post to the followers. I’m sure with the money Cuban has he can create his social network of some sort.

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Now, according to ReadWrite, Cuban officially wants to refocus the social media efforts of the Mavericks and the more than 70 companies he’s invested. He said he’d like to concentrate on growing his brands’ presences on other social media platforms like Twitter, Tumblr and the newly updated MySpace. While Cuban dosen’t plan on ending all Facebook engagement, his current priority is to increase follower counts through these other services.

For a little backstory, Facebook uses a tool called EdgeRank to gauge user interactions with Facebook posts made by brand pages. An update in September changed this service’s algorithm (supposedly to lessen spam posts) and appeared to send fewer legitimate brand posts to followers’ News Feeds. Many brands and advertisers were quick to scream “foul play,” assuming that Facebook was encouraging them to pay for wider distribution of their posts. But TechCrunch claims that’s not the case, that Facebook did not update EdgeRank simply to gain revenue and limit companies’ reach.