Ouch!  This def. didn’t look good.  Hopefully she is ok.

The start of the second quarter of Tuesday’s game between the Knicks and Magic was delayed when a Magic stunt team member was rushed to the hospital after she fell and hit her head on the court.


Jamie Woode, a former cheerleader at the University of Central Florida, was rushed to the Orlando Regional Medical Center and treated for potential head and neck injuries, the Magic confirmed Tuesday night.

No other information on her condition was immediately available.

Woode fell to the floor as she was trying to gain her balance after being lifted onto the shoulders of another stunt team member as part of a pyramid-style routine. Woode stumbled backwards in the air and struck her head at midcourt. Her stunt team was on the court to perform their scheduled routine during the break between the first and the second quarters of the game.

Paramedics were immediately on the court to treat Woode, who remained on the court for more than five minutes. She was able to move her arms and legs, and waved to the crowd with both arms raised as she was removed on a stretcher.

Players and coaches from the Knicks and Magic cheered for Woode as she motioned to the crowd.