Fear of horses?! Uhmmm. ok.  I don’t like laughing at someone else’s fear, but this is pretty humorous.

On a recent episode of Showtime’s “Inside the NFL,” they showed Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry freakin’ out over Warpaint, the team’s equine mascot.
Check it out…


During the Oakland Raiders game, Eric caught sight of Warpaint and his comely rider, Chiefs cheerleader Susie, and headed the other way.

“Aw, hell nah, there goes that horse. I don’t f— with that horse. That horse,” he tells teammates. “I gotta wait ’til that horse pass. I don’t mess with horses bro, straight up. He might come over and throw a tantrum.”

Then, Eric actually leaves a huddle when he sees the horse trotting past again on the sidelines.

“Hold up coach, that horse out there. That horse. She needs to go on ahead with that horse,” he said. “I don’t fool with no horses, boy. She needs to go ahead and drive that thing away. I’m not worried about the chick, I’m worried about that horse.”

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