I was just scrolling through these internet streets(Twitter to be exact) and saw Meek Mill telling Cassidy if he wants to battle to get a single poppin’ first. I made my way over to Meek’s timeline and saw an onslaught happening right before my eyes. Now Cassidy did say he paved the way for Philly artist and how he’s been poppin’ for over a decade. But! Meek quickly countered and kept his, I don’t want to sound like i’m favoring Meek but he kept his foot on Cass’ neck. Then a couple of retweets happened 2 rappers that I would’ve never thought would have something to say, well, had something to say. Click below to get the play by play and we’ll definitely keep you posted.

WiL Major

After you check out the play by play click below to check out Cassidy’s diss record to Meek Mill
Cassidy – Diary Of A Hustler