Cassidy wasted NO time taking his Twitter beef with Meek Mill last night to wax. Meek had mentioned the fellow Philadelphia rapper during an interview recently, saying he’d like to see him battle Murda Mook. It got misconstrued that it was Meek saying he wanted to battle Cass (for $100k) and since then, there’s been talk of who would win. Meek cleared the air via Twitter last night while also throwing in jabs and now that brings us here to Cassidy’s new diss. Though Cass is a beast in battle, his career can’t really be classified as too good. Meek on the other hand is on top right now, but he’s only been winning on that level for a short period of time. He too is quite lyrical, though. Who would you go with in a battle? Listen to Cassidy’s new diss below and let us know!

Marisa Mendez