Yesterday Microsoft head honcho Steve Ballmer sent shots towards Apple and Android how terrible their ecosystems are but a new study has been done and its says no one cares about the Windows 8 upgrade.  Steve should be worried about getting Windows 8 to the masses instead of worrying about other companies.  Microsoft is losing a lot traction in the customer and business sector of computers to Mac.  The complete overhaul of the Windows OS is a turn off for some Windows users and they would prefer to stick with their old OS.

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In years past, Windows software upgrades have coincided with improvements in computer processing speed, memory and graphics.

This time, Microsoft is requiring Windows users to switch to a radical new interface. Instead of the traditional keyboard and mouse, Windows 8 users must master a touch screen that works in concert with keyboard and mouse commands.

“It doesn’t surprise me that people wouldn’t be in a rush to buy a new PC just because it has a new operating system,” says Gartner analyst Steve Kleynhans, Gartner’s mobile and client computing analyst. “If Microsoft somehow demonstrates through its marketing that users can do new things in new ways, that might start to get people interested.”

On Oct. 25, the day before Windows 8 officially went on sale, Avast polled 1.6 million users of its PC anti-virus product, and got 350,000 responses, including 135,329 from U.S. Windows users.