Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast coast more than two weeks ago, but in some places their homes are totally gone, partially gone or just got power back. After President Obama came to New York today to see the effects of sandy he had a lot to say about the New York people. Check out the links below to see the video and article on what President Obama had to say to us!


President Obama Thursday toured city neighborhoods where Hurricane Sandy’s ferocity was greatest, praising the city’s resiliency while pledging federal assistance to those whose lives were forever changed by the killer storm.
“I’m very proud of you, New York,” Obama said after walking through a Staten Island neighborhood that was devastated by the historic hurricane. “You guys are tough. You bounce back.’
After taking an aerial tour of Brooklyn and Queens, Obama met with dozens of Staten Island residents whose homes were swamped or entirely destroyed by the storm — and one couple who lost even more.

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