Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who is probably the greatest mayor in Newark history, stated that Hurricane Sandy delayed him from making the huge decision of running for governor of New Jersey in the 2013 election. Booker has been working hand-in-hand with current Republican governor, Chris Christie, in the state’s time of need but Booker knows that he has to make the hard decision fast. Although Governor Christie has done a great job since the storm hit, he hasn’t been the greatest governor for New Jersey in the past four years and I personally think it’s time for a change and believe Cory Booker can and will be that change. Read more below.

Julie A.

Since Sandy hit, Mayor Cory Booker has been handing out free food and letting people into his home to charge their electronic devices. He has done an incredibly amount for the city of Newark including dropping the crime rate and will decide soon if he plans on running for Governor.

Two sources familiar with Booker’s thinking told The Star-Ledger last week that he plans to decide whether to challenge Christie — who has indicated he plans to seek re-election — by mid-December, leaving plenty of time for other potential Democratic candidates to mount a campaign. Booker said he has had numerous phone calls with state leaders over the past few days.

“I do believe I owe it to the Democratic party of New Jersey to make a decision very quickly,” Booker said.