Some people just do not learn. It’s a shame so many professional athletes wind up in legal or financial trouble during or after their careers, and this is no different. Read more after the jump.

Lenny Dykstra is best remembered for playing a huge role in the 1986 New York Mets winning the World Series and making some great memories for the Phillies later on in his career. Now he is only being remembered for the different criminal acts he as been caught up in. Dykstra, who is already serving a 3 year prison sentence, has prosecutors asking for an additional 30 months in prison for pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud and money laundering. The crazy part is he is also facing an additional 20 YEARS for pleading guilty in July to hiding sports memorabilia and other items that he was supposed to claim as part of his bankruptcy. His sentencing will be in December.

At least he will have some good memories to occupy his mind while he is locked up.