Okay, this guy made bank!! A NYPD employee made close to $648,000 dollars this year without even putting his badge on. It turns out, 62-year-old Robert Donofrio had been fired by NYPD for a bunch of little infractions, after losing his job, Donofrio sued to get his job back considering the infractions were so ridiculous. Not only did Donofrio get his job back, but he got triple of what his commission would normally be! Insane!! Hit the jump to see what his infractions were, and all the other details of the story.

Melissa Nash

Robert Donofrio, a steamfitter, recently got his job back after winning a legal battle with the NYPD — and cashed in six years of back pay as a welcome-back gift. That gave him a take-home of $647,733 for Fiscal Year 2012 — meaning the civilian NYPD employee more than tripled Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s pay.
Donofrio, 62, of Bay Ridge, was fired for a host of infractions, including screaming at a supervisor, losing his keys, and driving the wrong way down a one-way street. He fought for his job back, and an arbitrator sided with him, finding most of the infractions to be unfounded. The NYPD declined comment.
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