LeBron James Cover Photo

I know shoe prices have gone up tremendously over the years but this is downright crazy.  According to Terez Owens, Nike will soon unveil a new Lebron shoe worth $70,000!  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

According to TO’s source:

“Nike has booked all the rooms at the Westin Scottsdale for security reasons. I was told they are unveiling a LeBron shoe, only 2 made, that cost $70,000 a pair. LeBron himself has not even seen them yet.”

Now this is his source not mine so I’m not sure how much credence it holds but if it’s true, I need to see these sneakers!  Why are they $70K, are they made out of platinum or will Lebron follow you around for the day?  I don’t know but it’s quite interesting.