The Portland Trailblazers rookie Damian Lillard has been lighting up the court and already put his self into Rookie of the Year talks.  He shared his success with his mother with this very special gift for her birthday.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

On Lillard’s facebook page he posted “Surprised my beautiful mother for her birthday…” with a picture of her brand new ride.

In an interview with CSNNW, Lillard talks about how he picked up on things his mom had mentioned years ago, and that buying this car with one of his first NBA paychecks was more than a month in the making. Wrapped up in a big red bow, Damian says that these opportunities are special for him, since he can provide for his family. “These type of moments make me happy that I’m in the NBA and can do stuff like that for her.”

It’s always super special when you can do things for the people who sacrificed so much for you.  Congrats to Lillard and his mom, I hope he continues to be successful.