Okay, the title may have been a little bit harsh but sometimes it makes me wonder what the hell Kim K thinks before she tweets.. cause it’s apparent she doesn’t! This isn’t the first time Kim K has said something stupid during a time of tragedy. During the unfortunate passing of Chris Lighty (RIP), Kim tweets her condolences and also sneaks in something about her fragrance line. Maybe it was just taken the wrong way.. but still. IT IS NOT THE TIME OR PLACE KIM! Please, just sit down, stay gorgeous and tweet about your Kardashian “Kollection”. It is rumored that Kim gets paid about $10k a tweet from her sponsors whenever she speaks about them, so you would think she would consider being a little more careful. She tried saving herself from the offensive tweets but the damage was already done. But it makes one wonder, did she even write the apology? See what she originally said in the tweet – was it appropriate for her to say it? Or was it just a bad mistake?! You judge!

Biz Baby

She had originally tweeted:

‘Praying for everyone in Israel’
‘Praying for everyone in Palestine and across the world!’

But it backlashed when her followers took it in a whole different direction – where Kim had to even delete her tweets because it was so bad.

Click the picture in the gallery above to see the actual apology!

Does Kim Kardashian Think Before She Says Things?
No, she says foolish things constantly
Yes, she means well
I am thankful for her sex tape so who cares what she says