Pete Wells, a New York Times Food critic had some pretty mean things to say about Guy Fieri’s new Time’s Square Restaurant, but the New York Time’s held a 160 person event at Fieri’s restaurant the same day his article hit the press. Guy took it to the “Today” show to get their reaction, hit the jump.

Fieri defended himself to the dining community at large during an interview on the “Today” show Thursday, a panel of experts — comprised of Star Jones, Donny Deutsch and Dr. Phil — sounded off on Wells’ unrelenting review.

Dr. Phil, in particular, called Wells’ piece unnecessarily mean-spirited and self-serving. He also had this tidbit to add to the fray: “And by the way, last night, they hosted — the New York Times — hosted a 160-person party at that restaurant.”

Wells’ review of the Times Square haunt has since gone viral on Twitter and the food reviewer’s zingers are still circulating the Internet.

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