Two years after announcing his plan to make a movie about Martin Luther King, Jr’s life called Memphis, Paul Greengrass announced that the movie is back on after it was dropped from Universal. Greengrass said the movie will focus on the not only the life of MLK but also the time leading up to his death when he spent days working to organize Memphis’ sanitation workers. Producer Scott Rudin, who produced movies like Moneyball, will be also working on the film. So far we don’t know any other details about who will be in the movie. Read more below.

Julie A.

Memphis, Paul Greengrass‘ film about the final days of Dr. Martin Luther King, is coming back around. Now, I hear that steps are underway to make Memphis Greengrass’ next directorial outing. I’ve heard that Veritas is in talks to finance with Wild Bunch. You might recall the picture was shelved after Universal Pictures dropped out, and Greengrass and producer Scott Rudin shelved it because it became too difficult to set up new financing and shoot the film so that it could be released during the MLK weekend holiday. Greengrass and Rudin moved on to make Captain Phillips, the Sony drama about the Somali pirate heist that stars Tom Hanks as Captain Richard Phillips.