It was reported a few days ago that Sixers center Andrew Bynum had suffered another “setback”.  It was strange however because Bynum said the injury was in his left knee when originally he was having issues with his right knee.  Now sources have come forward explaining how Bynum suffered the injury.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

According to Brian Windhorst and Chris Broussard of ESPN:

Multiple sources told ESPN on Saturday that Bynum suffered an unspecified injury this month while bowling. On Friday, Bynum revealed that — on top of the issues with his right knee that could keep him sidelined until January — he also had suffered a “setback” with his left knee.

“I had a little bit of a setback, and we’re just working through some issues with the right knee,” Bynum said before the Sixers beat the Utah Jazz on Friday night. “I kind of have a mirror thing going on with my left knee. I don’t know what’s going on, but the doctors are saying pretty much that it’s a weakened cartilage state.”

There are several activities that are prohibited in standard NBA player contracts, but bowling is not one of them. Bynum is known to enjoy bowling.

Multiple calls to Bynum’s agent, David Lee, were not returned.

This is a huge blow for the Sixers since Bynum has not played or practiced with the team since being acquired in the blockbuster trade with the Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers.  Bynum has had a few procedures done to repair his knees including the highly publicized German procedure that Kobe received.

At the moment there’s no timetable for his return.