A growing trend in modern education is the use of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Dozens of universities have made these classes available to anyone with an internet connection. Though these courses have not been used towards college credits the American Council on Education is considering making these courses credit worthy for those who pass. Overall I think the MOOC’s can be a great way for the busy people of today to keep up with scholarly endeavors for a great price. Hit the jump for more.

Last week, the American Council on Education, an association for higher education presidents, raised the possibility that such courses could count toward a degree when it said it would review several to determine whether they ought to be eligible for transfer credit.

Two days later, a consortium of 10 universities, including Northwestern, Wake Forest and Notre Dame, announced plans to develop an alternative approach — classes are still taught online, but with just 15 to 20 students. The courses, to be offered next fall through an initiative called Semester Online, wouldn’t be free, like MOOCs are, but students who pass the course could earn credit.

USA Today