If i had to pinpoint an extreme change it would be the story of Aminat Kurbanova.  This russian woman was raised by her parents as an Orthodox Christian.  She is pictured in a wedding dress a day in 2003 and also in her transformation that took place in 2007.  When I mean change I don’t mean physical appearance or sex it was a religious one.  But, it can’t get more extreme than this, the stage actress turned into a suicide bombers in just a few years.  She took her newly found religion of Islam so serious that she walked into a Muslim home and blew it up, killing herself and eight others. Hit the jump

Steph B

Kurbanova walked into the home of Sheikh Said Atsayev, 74, after kissing her daughter goodbye and blew herself up with a steel-bolt bomb, killing seven others – including the cleric himself and a 12-year-old boy who was there with his father.
Her relatives tried to keep the news from Malika, but she overheard at school that ‘your mum’s a suicide bomber’ and saw her mother’s severed head on TV, reported the Sunday Times.