Ever walk into a store & got stuck on which card to pay with? There’s a new app for that. Wallaby helps you maximize your rewards by telling which card is the right one to use at the specific point, so you can get your travel points & other things. There’s also a physical card coming early next year that you’ll be able to store all of your cards on & it will smartly choose the card to use as you swipe. More in the link.

Tat Wza

Wallaby for iPhone allows users, without providing any personal data other than an e-mail and password, to setup a Wallaby cloud wallet in our mobile app. After setup, you just need to open the app and locate the store in which you are shopping (which should be easy, as we grab the geo-location off of your phone). Once you select a store, we will show you the best card from your wallet and all of your other cards, sorted from best to worst. This will enable you at a glance to make a smart decision about what card to use.

Building Wallaby for the iPhone has been a great experience for us. We have hardened our security, data, disaster recovery and other systems in preparing for the app launch in a different way than working with early card testers. We expect to learn a great deal with the release as well. We know that the world of credit card rewards is very complex: There are retired programs that one or two of you have been grandfathered into. There are also ever-changing rules to existing programs. We are dedicated to data quality, and look forward to receiving feedback from our new users that helps us improve. Every piece of feedback will result in an improved experience for our users.