Over the past few weeks, there have been rumors that producers of Basketball Wives LA were planning to clean house after this season and get rid of all the cast members, except Draya and Jackie Christie. To add fuel to the fire, this week, it was reported that Karrine (better known as Superhead in her hayday) was in negotiations to join the show.
Find out if she is a new cast member after the jump

According to her latest twitter postings, Karrine won’t be joining Basketball Wives or any other reality show any time soon.
She wrote on twitter:

“You people are so —king gullible and easily confused by the N-gga News Network. Knock it completely the f–k off. So plz stop asking me about damn Basketball Wives. If I were casted, it would be announced thru a REAL ent[ertainment] news medium, not MTO. They keep lying to you & you keep believing. #SAF [Sad As F-ck] AGAIN: I am not going to be a cast member on Basketball Wives or any other reality show. You have been lied to, AGAIN.”

Welp! There you have it folks!