Unreal Brands, a Boston based candy company has become a hit with some of your favorite stars, ask Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen or Matt Damon or even John Legend. The Unreal Brand does it’s own version of the traditional favorites such as M&M’s, Snickers, Reese’s, etc. yet they do it with a healthy touch. No artificial colors or flavors, less sugars and fats and more proteins and fibers are what make these bars not only delicious but nutritious. Hit the Jump for more.

“People are going to eat candy, so we want to give them a better choice,” says Michael Bronner, the founder of Unreal. He says Unreal’s goal is not to appeal to the Whole Foods (WFM) and farmer’s market set. It’s going after average consumers, and its treats are sold at Target (TGT), CVS (CVS), Staples (SPLS), and soon at 7 Eleven, at prices similar to those of the items they clone. Ultimately Unreal is trying to prove to giant food companies that they can make tasty — and profitable — products that are free of junky ingredients, says Bronner, a successful entrepreneur who founded Digitas, the digital ad firm now owned by Publicis Groupe (PGPEF), and Upromise, the financial rewards company now owned by Sallie Mae.

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